Pass the line on the coffee shop and make your personal iced vanilla latte in minutes for a fraction of the value with this easy and quick 3-element recipe. It's fresh and scrumptious, ready to head or enjoy at home. At the same time as i usually decide on an iced matcha latte over coffee on most days, i lately started out taking part in espresso this beyond 12 months and have come to appreciate a refreshing beverage on occasion. Making espresso at home offers me the strength to pick out which beans i take advantage of and what other ingredients i upload to my drink. That's why i'm so excited to percentage this clean-to-make and so-tons-less expensive-than-a-coffee-keep iced vanilla latte with you these days.

Iced vanilla latte

There's so much to like approximately this recipe:
  1. fresh and scrumptious
  2. simple and so clean to make
  3. it makes use of easy ingredients, no extra-sugary syrups
  4. it's made with plant-based milk instead of dairy

Ingredients you'll need

To get began, all you want are the following matters:
  1. coffee: when you have an espresso device, you're set. If you have an coffee device and are nonetheless seeking to discover ways to use it, there are some splendid sources obtainable on how to drag the right shot.
  2. milk: even as i normally use almond milk or coconut milk, regular dairy milk, cashew milk, oat milk, or any other plant-based milk works notable.
  3. vanilla extract: this will supply the beverage the smooth vanilla flavor with out adding any sugary syrups.
  4. sweetener: i take advantage of maple syrup to sweeten my drinks or leave out completely.
  5. ice cubes: a handful of ice cubes will flip your vanilla latte right into a clean morning beverage for the warmer months (i take advantage of a silicone tray to make rectangular ice cubes

How to make an iced vanilla latte

  1. Fill a glass with ice: if you're making it to-move, use an insulated tumbler. I really like the usage of this ice dice tray as it makes the cutest rectangular cubes which can be just the right length.
  2. Pour milk over ice: add the vanilla extra and stir. If you're the use of sweetener, upload it now. Many recipes just have you ever pour the shot of coffee first and then upload the milk, however i really like the swirly effect you get when you pour a shot of espresso into milk.
  3. Pour coffee: i decide upon the use of organic, medium roast coffee beans. Keep your glass of milk close by so that you can pour the shot into the glass straight away. Four. Mix and serve: i select drinking my latte with a tumbler straw.

What do you do when you don't have an espresso machine?

In case you don't have an espresso device, use brewed coffee instead. I choose to use approximately half cup of double-power brewed coffee and funky it down within the fridge earlier than making the latte.
Iced coffee vs iced vanilla latte vs iced Americano
With so many coffee drinks, it can get a bit puzzling while trying to determine out the variations among some of the popular iced drinks. Right here's a brief breakdown:
  1. Coffee: brewed coffee, poured over ice
  2. Americano: espresso mixed in water, poured over ice
  3. Vanilla latte: espresso mixed with milk, poured over ice
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  1. 1 shot espresso
  2. 1 cup milk, such as almond milk or cashew milk
  3. 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  4. 1 ice

  1. Fill a glass with ice.
  2. Pour milk over ice. Add the vanilla extra and stir. If you're using sweetener, add it now.
  3. Pour a shot of espresso into the milk.
  4. Using a straw or spoon, mix the iced vanilla latte. Serve and enjoy.

Notes If you don't have an espresso machine, use brewed coffee instead. I prefer to use about 1/2 cup of double-strength brewed coffee and cool it down in the fridge before making the latte. Consider drinking your latte with a glass straw to help protect your teeth.
Nutrition Calories: 47kcal, Carbohydrates: 2g, Protein: 1g, Fat: 3g, Sodium: 326mg, Fiber: 1g, Sug ar: 1g, Calcium: 300mg